Now Is the Time to Get Prepared

Bug Out Bag For Women

Bug out Bag For Women

If you are thinking about building a bug out bag, that is awesome. Being prepared is the first step to being self sufficient.  A few things to think about, do you live in a warm or cold climate?  Will it be just you or you and your whole family? Are you planning on building a bug out bag or a get home bag? You might want to build both and leave in separate locations.  Lets say you live in a colder climate things to have would be:

  1. Warm clothes, quality jacket, pants and hiking boots. Get the best quality that you can afford. It could save your life.
  2. Backpack to hold your gear in. Make sure it is comfortable for your body type. Could you carry your gear in it for several miles? Practice with it, load it with different weights so you know what you can handle. The time to figure this all out is before the emergency not after. Try to keep your pack 25% or less of your body weight.  Make sure it has lots of pockets, quality buckles and extra clips.
  3. Flashlight, get a good one. I would carry two in case one goes out for some reason. With the flashlight you also need extra batteries. Flashlight is no good to you with dead batteries.
  4. Firestarter, bring a couple ways of starting a fire. Lighter, flint and steel and bring some wetfire tinder or even drier lint to help get a fire started. If you get hyperthermia you could die before you get to your destination.
  5. Get yourself a good survival knife. Learn how to use it. Practice with it. Tools are no good to you if you don’t know what to do with them. I would also like a pocket knife for back up.
  6. Freeze dried food, it is lightweight. You can easily add water to it and eat it. I am a sugar freak so my bag is going to have a piece of candy in it. Maybe more than one.
  7. Build yourself a micro survival kit to keep in your bag. Keep things like fish hooks, fishing line, paracord. Figure out what will work in your area.
  8. Compass and a map. A topography map would be ideal so you can see what the terrain will be like. Bring a waterproof notebook and pencil in case you need to write coordinates down.
  9. Water or water purifying tablets or get a Life straw something that you could easily treat or filter your water so it is safe to drink. You won’t survive for long without water.
  10. Bring your identification and bring some cash. If you are in this type of situation the ATM’s probably won’t be working. Leave a copy of your indentification at home also for added protection.
  11. Hygiene items, tooth brush and tooth paste, a small bar of soap. Staying clean in an emergency is very important for your survival.
  12. Don’t forget your prescription medication. Most doctors will write you an emergency script if you tell them what you want it for. That way it is already packed and ready to go. There is a lot more to add to this, as you go along you will figure out what exactly you need.  Hopefully you never have to use your bag but I do hope you build one just in case.