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Flintbar 7 in 1 seven multi tool emergency disaster tactical preparedness UST

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  • Flintbar 7 in 1 seven essential tools in one
  • Handy multi tool includes seven essential tools all conveniently held together
  • with a metal chain for quick attachment to gear
  • sturdy aluminum construction
  • Striker and flint reliably create sparks to start your fire
  • Handy hex wrench for small repairs can also be used as a bottle opener
  • Use the tinder scraper to shave bark as fuel for your fire
  • Compass and ruler make map navigation a breeze
  • Signal for help with the mirror and be seen from a long distance
  • Striker
  • Tinder Scraper
  • Compass
  • Flint
  • Ruler
  • Rescue Mirror

  • Camping, hiking, emergencies,
  • This is not a toy, not intended for children
  • UST ultimate survival technologies